Bridging Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

Curriculum Introduction

This on-line course provides fundamental knowledge about co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. Designed for professionals and paraprofessionals working in the behavioral health field and/or with individuals with co-occurring disorders, the course covers eleven (11) core competency content areas divided into learning modules. Direct access to the course is provided after your registration form is completed and a payment of $75 is received.

Each module offers learning activities, Web resources to explore, and a learning integration self-test. An automated, graded test is given at the end of each core competency. When tests are passed with at least 80% correct answers and an evaluation form is completed, certificates of completion for each area are emailed to course participants When all courses have been completed, there is a final overall test. When passed with a score of at least 80%, a course certificate of completion is sent as an Adobe Acrobat document (PDF). There are references and resources for each core competency, as well as an on-line resource list.