Bridging Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

Menu of Core Competency Areas

CC 1. People with Co-occurring Disorders: Descriptions and Definitions

Module 1A Overview of Core Competency Objectives
Module 1B People with Co-occurring Disorders
Module 1C Prevalence and Characteristics of COD
Module 1D Understanding the History & Barriers to Treatment
Module 1E Evaluation and Feedback
Module 1F References/Resources

CC 2. Treatment and Recovery Philosophies

Module 2A Overview of Core Competency Objectives
Module 2B Defining Recovery
Module 2C Learning from Recovery Stories
Module 2D Comparing Approaches to Recovery
Module 2E Attitudes and Values Supporting Recovery
Module 2F Involving the Consumer at all Levels
Module 2G Spirituality in Recovery
Module 2H Evaluation and Feedback
Module 2I References/Resources

CC 3. Substance Use Disorders

Module 3A Overview of Core Competency Objectives
Module 3B Our Personal Viewpoints
Module 3C Disease Concept of Addiction
Module 3D Drugs of Abuse
Module 3E The Altered Brain
Module 3F Stages of Substance Dependence
Module 3G Medical Issues
Module 3H Stages of Change
Module 3I Ambivalence & Other Defenses
Module 3J Diagnostic Criteria
Module 3K Screening & Referral
Module 3L Evaluation and Feedback
Module 3M References/Resources

CC 4. Overview of Mental Health Conditions & Terminology

Module 4A Overview of Core Competency Objectives
Module 4B Definitions of Mental Illness and DSM Categories
Module 4C Prevalence of Mental Illness in Adults and Youth
Module 4D What Are Anxiety Disorders?
Module 4E Mood Disorders
Module 4F Psychotic Disorders
Module 4G Personality Disorders
Module 4H Eating Disorders
Module 4I Evaluation and Feedback
Module 4J References/Resources

CC 5. Principles for Integrated Treatment

Module 5A Overview of Core Competency Objectives
Module 5B Components of Integrated Treatment & Systems
Module 5C Typology for Services & Systems
Module 5D Program & Staffing Paradigms
Module 5E Developing Proficiency in Programs, Staff, & Systems
Module 5F Evaluation and Feedback
Module 5G References/Resources

CC 6. Screening and Assessment Skills and Process

Module 6A Overview of Core Competency Objectives
Module 6B Definitions and Differences
Module 6C Creating an Alliance
Module 6D A Look at Some Screening Tools
Module 6E The Assessment Process
Module 6F Treatment Matching
Module 6G Evaluation and Feedback
Module 6H References/Resources

CC 7. Intervention, Motivation, and Support Strategies

Module 7A Overview of Core Competency Objectives
Module 7B Communication
Module 7C Readiness for Change and Recovery
Module 7D Understanding Resistance and Supporting Motivation
Module 7E Considerations for Some Populations
Module 7F Improving Treatment Interventions and Success
Module 7G Understanding and Responding to Relapse
Module 7H Skill Development
Module 7I The Array of Treatment & Recovery Resources
Module 7J Evaluation and Feedback
Module 7K References/Resources

CC 8. Assessing Our Own Attitudes, Motivation, and Health

Module 8A Overview of Core Competency Objectives
Module 8B Understanding Our Own VT
Module 8C Understanding Our Own Counter-Transference
Module 8D PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER; Taking Good Care of
Module 8E Evaluation and Feedback
Module 8F References/Resources

CC 9. Family, Peer, and Natural Supports

Module 9A Overview of Core Competency Objectives
Module 9B Utilizing Family Resources
Module 9C Peer and Other Natural Supports
Module 9D Self-Help Options
Module 9E Evaluation and Feedback
Module 9F References/Resources

CC 10. Crisis Intervention for People with Co-occurring Disorders

Module 10A Overview of Core Competency Objectives
Module 10B Definitions of "Crisis"
Module 10C Stages of Crisis & Crisis Intervention
Module 10D Safety & Violence
Module 10E Pre-planning for Crisis
Module 10F Practicing Key Elements of Crisis Intervention
Module 10G Evaluation and Feedback
Module 10H References/Resources

CC 11. Children and Adolescents at Risk for Co-occurring Disorders

Module 11A Overview of Core Competency Objectives
Module 11B Who are they?
Module 11C How are Adolescents Different from Adults?
Module 11D Risks and Mediating Factors For Co-Occurring Disorders
Module 11E Screening, Assessment, and Interventions
Module 11F Evaluation and Feedback
Module 11G References/Resources